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own lives and utterances they must awaken life in others.
The position of science is already assured, but I think the
poet also will have a great part to play in the future of the
world. To him it is given for a long time to come to fill
those shores which the recession of the theologic tide has
left exposed; to him, when he rightly understands his mis-
sion, and does not flinch from the tonic discipline which it
assuredly demands, we have a right to look for that height-
ening and brightening of life which so many of us need.
He ought to be the interpreter of that power which as

“Jehovah, Jove, or Lord,”

has hitherto filled and strengthened the human heart.

Let me utter one practical word in conclusionwtake
care of your health. There have been men who by wise
attention to this point might have risen to any eminence——
might have made great discoveries, written great poems,
commanded armies, or ruled states, but who by unwise
neglect of this point have come to nothing. Imagine Her-
cules as oarsman in a rotten boat; what can he do there
but by the very force of his stroke expedite the ruin of his
craft. Take care then of the timbers of your boat, and
avoid all practices likely to introduce either wet or dry rot
among them. And this is not to be accomplished by desul-
tory or intermittent efforts of the will, but by the formation
of habits. The will no doubt has sometimes to put forth
its strength in order to strangle or crush the special tempta-
tion. But the formation of right habits is essential to your
permanent security. They diminish your chance of falling
when assailed, and they augment your chance of recovery
when overthrown.

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