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of intellectual penetration into this penumbral region which
surrounds actual knowledge is not, as some seem to think,
dependent upon method, but upon the genius of the in-
vestigator. There is, however, no genius so gifted as not
to need contrOl and verification. The profoundest minds
know best that Nature’s ways are not at all times their
ways, and that the brightest flashes in the world of
thought are incomplete until they have been proved to
have their counterparts in the world of fact. Thus the
vocation of the true experimentalist may be defined as
the continued exercise of spiritual insight, and its inces-
sant correction and realization. His experiments consti-
tute a body, of which his purified intuitions are, as it were,
the soul.

Partly through methematical and partly through ex-
perimental research, physical science has of late years as-
sumed a momentous position in the world. Both in a
material and in an intellectual point of View it has pro-
duced, and it is destined to produce, immense changes——
vast social ameliorations, and vast alterations in the popu-
lar conception of the origin, rule, and governance of natural
things. By science, in the physical world, miracles are
wrought, while philosoPhy is forsaking its ancient meta-
physical channels and pursuing others which have been
opened or indicated by scientific research. This must be-
come more and more the case as philosophical writers
become more deeply imbued with the methods of science,
better acquainted with the facts which scientific men have
won, and with the great theories which they have elaborated.

If you look at the face of a watch, you see the hour
and minute hands, and possibly also a second-hand, moving
over the graduated dial. Why do these hands move ? and
whyare their relative motions such as they are observed
to be ? These questions cannot be answered without open-
ing the watch, mastering its various parts, and ascertaining

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