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lecular force. And unless the existence of law in these
matters be denied, and the element of caprice introduced,
we must conclude that, given the relation of any molecule
of the body to its environment, its position in the body
might be determined mathematically. Our difficulty is not
with the quality of the problem, but with its complexity ,'
and this difficulty might be met by the simple expansion
of the faculties which we now possess. Given this eXpan-
sion, with the necessary molecular data, and the chick
might be deduced as rigorously and as logically from the
egg as the existence of Neptune from the disturbances of
Uranus, or as conical refraction from the undulatory theory
of light.

You see I am not mincing matters, but avowing nakedly
what many scientific thinkers more or less distinctly be-
lieve. The formation of a crystal, a plant, or an animal, is
in their eyes a purely mechanical problem, which differs
from the problems of ordinary mechanics in the smallness
of the masses and the complexity of the processes involved.
Here you have one half of our dual truth ; let us now glance
at the other half. Associated with this wonderful mechan-
ism of the animal body we have phenomena no less certain
than those of physics, but between which and the mechan-
ism we discern no necessary connection. A man, for ex-
ample, can say, I feel, I think, I love ,' but how does
consciousness infuse itself into the problem ? The human
brain is said to be the organ of. thought and feeling; when
we are hurt the brain feels it, when we ponder it is the
brain that thinks, when our passions or affections are ex-
cited it is through the instrumentality of the brain. Let us
endeavor to be a little more precise here. I hardly imagine
there exists a profound scientific thinker, who has reflected
upon the subject, unwilling to admit the extreme proba-
bility of the hypothesis that, for every fact of consciousness,
whether in the domain of sense, of thought, or of emotion,

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