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known to enter into the composition of the human brain,
and a trenchant German Writer has exclaimed, “ Ohne
Phosphor, kein Gedanke.” That may or may not be the
case; but even if we knew it to be the case, the knowledge
would not lighten our darkness. On both sides of the zone
here assigned to the materialist he is equally helpless. If
you ask him whence is this “ Matter ” of which we have
been discoursing, who or what divided it into molecules,
who or what impressed upon them this necessity of running
into organic forms, he has no answer. Science is mute in
reply to these questions. But if the materialist is con-
founded and science rendered dumb, who else is prepared
with a solution ? To whom has this arm of the Lord been
revealed ? Let us lower our heads and acknowledge our
ignorance, priest and philosopher, one and all.

Perhaps the mystery may resolve itself into knowledge
at some future-day. The process of things upon this earth
has been one of amelioration. It is a long way from the
Iguanodon and his contemporaries to the President and
members of the British Association. And whether we re-
gard the improvement from the scientific or from the theo-
logical point of view, as the result of progressive develop
ment, or as the result of successive exhibitions of creative
energy, neither view entitles us to assume that man’s present
faculties end the series—that the process of amelioration
stops at him. A time may therefore come when this ultra-
scientific. region by which we are now enfolded may offer it-
self to terrestrial, if not to human investigation. Two-thirds
of the rays emitted by the sun fail to arouse in the eye the
sense of vision. The rays exist, but the visual organ requi-
site for their translation into light does not exist. And so
from this region of darkness and mystery which surrounds
us, rays may now be darting which require but the develop-
ment of the proper intellectual organs to translate them
into knowledge as far surpassing ours as ours surpasses


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