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the waves of red light are split into exact halves, then, to
preserve the light white, the waves of yellow, orange, green,
and blue must also be split into exact halves. In short, the
reduction must take place, not by absolutely equal quanti-
ties, but by equal fractional parts. In white light the pre-
ponderance as regards energy of the latter. over the smaller
waves must always be immense. Were the case otherwise,
the physiological correlative, blue, of the smaller waves
would have the upper hand in our sensations.

My wish to render our mental images complete, causes
me to dwell briefly upon these known points, and the
same wish will cause me to linger a little longer among
others. 'But here I am disturbed by my reflections. When
I consider the effect of dinner upon the nervous system, and
the relation of that system to the intellectual powers I am
now invoking—when I remember that the universal expe-
rience of mankind has fixed upon certain definite elements
of perfection in an after-dinner speech, and when I think
how conspicuous by their absence these elements are on the
present occasion, the thought is not comforting to a man
who Wishes to stand well with his fellow-creatures in gen-
eral, and with the members of the British Association in
particular. My condition might well resemble that of the
ether, which is scientifically defined as an assemblage of
vibrations. And the worst of it is, that unless you reverse
the general verdict regarding the effect of dinner, and prove
in your own persons that a uniform experience need not con-
tinue uniform—which will be a great point gained for some
people—these tremors of mine are likely to become more
and more painful. But I call to mind the comforting words
of an insPired though uncanonical writer, who admonishes
us in the Apocrypha that fear is a bad counsellor. Let me
then cast him out, and let me trustfully assume that you
will one and all postpone that balmy sleep, of which dinner
might under the Circumstances be regarded as the indis-

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