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referred to ; but they exalt one of them from its abasement,
and repeal the divorce hitherto existing between both. In
substance, if not in words, their position as regards the
relation of spirit and matter is: “ What God hath joined
together let not man put asunder.” And with regard to
the ages of forgetfulness which lie between the unconscious
life of the nebula and the conscious life of the earth, it is,
they would urge, but an extension of that forgetfulness
which preceded the birth of us all.

I have thus led you to the outer rim of speculative
science, for beyond the nebulae scientific thought has never
ventured hitherto, and have tried to state that which I con-
sidered ought, in fairness, to be outspoken. I do not think
this Evolution hypothesis is to be flouted away contempt-
ously ; I do not think it is to be denounced as wicked. It
is to be brought before the bar of disciplined reason, and
there justified or condemned. Let us hearken to those who
wisely support it, and to those who wisely oppose it; and
let us tolerate those, and they are many, who foolishly try
to do either of these things. The only thing out of place
in the discussion is dogmatism on either side. Fear not
the Evolution hypothesis. Steady yourselves in its presence
upon that faith in the ultimate triumph of truth which was
expressed by old Gamaliel when he said: “If it be of God,
ye cannot overthrow it; if it be of man, it will come to
naught.” Under the fierce light of scientific inquiry, this
hypothesis is sure to be dissipated if it possess not a core
of truth. Trust me, its existence as a hypothesis in the
mind is quite compatible with the simultaneous existence
of all those virtues to which the term Christian has been
applied. It does not solve—it does not profess to solve——
the ultimate mystery of this universe. It leaves in fact
that mystery untouched. For granting the nebula and its
potential life, the question, whence came they ? would still
remain to baffle and bewilder us. At bottom, the hypothe-

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