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parts, the sea-waves, which cannot subside without pro-
ducing heat, finally resolve themselves into waves of ether,
thus regenerating the motion from which their temporary
existence was derived. This connection is typical. Nature
is not an aggregate of independent parts, but an organic
whole. If you open a piano and sing into it, a certain
string will respond. Change the pitch of your voice ; the
first string ceases to vibrate, but another replies. Change
again the pitch; the first two strings are silent, while an-
other resounds. N ow, in altering the pitch you simply
change the form of the motion communicated by your vocal
chords to the air, one string responding to one form, and
another to another. And thus is sentient man acted on by
Nature, the optic, the auditory, and other nerves of the'
human body being so many strings differently tuned and
responsive to different forms of the universal power.


N orE.——The statements regarding the action of aqueous vapor, made
in sections 12 and 13 of this Lecture, have been controverted by the late
Professor Magnus, of Berlin. 1 therefore wish the reader to hold in sus-
pension his judgment of these two sections until new light can be thrown
upon the subject. This will soon be done.

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