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would ask, put the soul into this telegraphic body? Who
snatched from heaven the fire that flashes along the line ?
This, I am bound to say, was done by two men, the one a
dweller in Italy,1 the other a dweller in England, and, there-
fore, not a thousand miles distant from the spot where I
now stand,2 who never in their inquiries consciously set a
practical object before them—whose only stimulus was
the fascination which draws the climber to a never-trodden
peak, and would have made Caesar quit his victories to
seek the sources of the Nile. That the knowledge. brought
us by those prophets, priests, and kings of science, is what
the world calls useful knowledge, the triumphant applica-
tion of their discoveries proves. But science has another
function to fulfil, in the storing and the training of the hu-
man mind; and I would base my appeal to you on the
poor specimen which has been brought before you this
evening, whether any system of education at the present
day can be deemed even approximately complete in which
the knowledge of Nature is neglected or ignored.

1 Volta. 9 Faraday.

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