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corpuscles infallibly appear, ofl'ering no difficulty of detec-
tion. This was the first great point made out in 1865 by
Pasteur. The Italian naturalists, as aforesaid, recom-
mended the examination of the eggs before risking their
incubation. Pasteur showed that both eggs and worms
might be smitten and still pass muster, the culture of such
eggs .or such worms being sure to entail disaster. He made
the moth his starting-point in seeking to regenerate the race.

Pasteur made his first communication on this subject to
the Academy of Sciences in September, 1865. It raised
a cloud of criticism. Here, forsooth, was a chemist rashly
quitting his proper métz'er and presuming to lay down the
law for the physician and biologist on a subject which was
eminently theirs. “ On trouva étrange que je fusse si peu
au courant de la question; on ._m’opposa des travaux qui
avaient paru depuis longtemps en Italie, dont les résultats
montraient l’inutilité de mes efforts, et l’impossibilité d’ar-
river a un résultat pratique dans la direction que je m’étais
engagé. Que mon ignorance fut grande au sujet des re-
cherches sans nombre qui avaient paru depuis quinze an-
nées.” Pasteur heard the buzz, but he continued his work.
In choosing the eggs intended for incubation, the cultiva-
tors selected those produced in the successful “ educa-
tions ” of the year. But they could not understand the
frequent and often disastrous failures of their selected
eggs; for they did not know, and nobody prior to Pasteur
was competent to tell them, that the finest cocoons may
envelope doomed corpusculous moths. It was not, how-
ever, easy to make the cultivators accept. new guidance.
To strike their imagination, and if possible determine their
practice, Pasteur hit upon the expedient of prophecy. In
1866 he inspected at St. Hippolyte-du-Fort fourteen differ-
ent parcels of eggs intended for incubation. Having ex-
amined a sufficient number of the moths which produced
these eggs, he wrote out the prediction of what would oc-

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