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those ten years, no contagium of measles, nor any contagium
of scarlet fever, nor any contagium of small-pox, had arisen
spontaneously within its limits.” It may be added that
there were only seven districts in England in which no
death from diphtheria. occurred, and that, of those seven
districts, the district of the Scilly Isles was one.

A second parasitic disease of silk-worms, called in France
lafiacherie, coexistent with pébrine but quite distinct from
it, has also been investigated. Enough, however, has been
said to send such of you as are interested in these questions
to the original volumes for further information. To one
important practical point M. Pasteur, in a letter written to
me, directs attention:

“ Permettez-moi de terminer ces quelques lignes que je dois dicter,
vaincu que je suis par la maladie, en vous faisant observer que vous
rendriez service aux Colonies de la Grande-Bretagne en répandant la
connaissance de. ce livre, et des principes que j’établis touchant la maladie
des vers a soie. Beaucoup de ces colonies pourraient cultiver le mfirier
avec succes, et en jetant les yeux sur mon ouvrage vous vous convaincrez
aisément qu’il est facile aujourd’hui, non-seulement d’éloigner la maladie
régnante, mais en outre de donner aux récoltes de la soie une prospérité
qu’elles n’ont jamais eue.”

Origin and Propagation of Contagious Matter.

Prior to Pasteur, the most diverse and contradictory
Opinions were entertained as to the contagious character of
pébrine ;. some stoutly affirmed it, others as stoutly denied
it. But on one point all were agreed. “ They believed in
the existence of a deleterious medium, rendered epidemic
by some occult and mysterious influence, to which was at-
tributed the cause of the disease.” Those acquainted with
medical literature will not fail to observe an instructive
analogy here. We have on the one side accomplished
writers ascribing epidemic diseases to “ deleterious media,”
which arise spontaneously in crowded hospitals and over

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