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doctrine; but that he united flexibility with his strength.
In striking contrast with this intellectual expansiveness is
his fixity in religion, but this is a subject which cannot be
discussed here.

Of all the letters published in these volumes none
possess a greater charm than those of Faraday to his wife.
Here, as Dr. Bence Jones truly remarks, “ he laid open all
his mind and the whole of his character, and what can be
made known can scarcely fail to charm every one by its
loveliness, its truthfulness, and its earnestness.” Abbott
and he sometimes swerved into word-play about love; but
up to, 1820, or thereabouts, the pasSion was potential
merely. Faraday’s journal, indeed, contains entries which
Show that he took pleasure in the assertion of his contempt
fer love; but these very entries became links in his destiny.
It was through them that he became acquainted with one
who inspired him with a feeling which only ended with his
life. His biographer has given us the means of tracing the
varying moods which preceded his acceptance. They reveal
more than the common alternations of light and gloom; at
one moment he wishes that his flesh might melt and he
become nothing; at another he is intoxicated with hope.
The impetuosity of his character was then unchastened by
the discipline to which it was subjected in after-years. The
very strength of his passion proved for' a time a bar to its
advance, suggesting as it did to the conscientious mind of
Miss Barnard doubts of her capability to return it with
adequate force. But they met again and again, and at
each successive meeting he found his heaven clearer, until
at length he was able to say,“ Not a moment’s alloy of this
evening’s happiness occurred. Every thing was delightful
to the last moment of my stay with my companion, because
she was so.” The turbulence of doubt subsided, and a calm
and elevating confidence took its place. “What can I call
myself,” he writes to her in a subsequent letter, “ to convey

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