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work which even now are not entirely revealed. The min-
ister was bitterly attacked, but he bore the censure of the
press with great dignity. Faraday, while he disavowed
having either directly or indirectly furnished the matter of
those attacks, did not publicly exonerate his lordship. The
Hon. Caroline F ox had proved herself Faraday’s ardent
friend, and it was she who had healed the breach between
the philosopher and the minister. She manifestly thought
that Faraday ought to have come forward in Lord Mel-
bourne’s defence, and there is a flavor of resentment in one
of her letters to him on the subject. N o doubt Faraday had
good grounds for his reticence, but they are to me unknown.

In 1841 his health broke down utterly, and he went to
Switzerland with his wife and brother-in-law. His. bodily
Vigor soon revived, and he accomplished feats of walking
respectable even for a trained mountaineer. . The published
extracts from his Swiss journal contain many beautiful and
touching allusions. Amid references to the tints of the
Jungfrau, the. blue rifts of the glaciers, and the noble N iesen,
towering over the Lake of Thun, we come upon the charm-
ing little scrap which I have elsewhere quoted : “ Clout-nail
making goes on here rather considerably, and is a very neat
and pretty operation to observe. I love a smith’s shop, and
any thing relating to smithery. My father was a smith.”
This is from his journal; but he is unconsciously speaking
to somebody—perhaps to the world.

His descriptions of the Staub—bach, Giessbach, and of
the scenic effects of sky and mountain, are all fine and sym-
pathetic. But amid it all, and in reference to it all, he tells
his sister that “true enjoyment is frOm within, not from
without.” In those days Agassiz was living under a slab
of gneiss on the glacier of the Aar. Faraday met Forbes
at the Grimsel, and arranged with him an excursion to the
“ Hotel des Neuchatelois ;” but indisposition put the pro-
ject out.

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