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self in the presence of the audience and apparatus, and, by
the help of these external appearances, immediately con-
cluded that I had received the battery discharge. The in-
tellectual consciousness of my position was restored with
exceeding rapidity, but not so the Optical consciousness.
To prevent the audience from being alarmed, I observed
that it had often been my desire to receive accidentally
such a shock, and that my wish had at length been fulfilled.
But while making this remark, the appearance which my
body presented to myself was that of a number of separate
pieces. The arms, for example, were detached from the
trunk, and seemed suSpended in the air. In fact, memory
and the power of reasoning appeared to be complete long
before the optic nerve was restored to healthy action. But
What I wish chiefly to dwell upon here is, the absolute pain-
lessness of the shock; and there cannot be a doubt that, to
a person struck dead by lightning, the passage from life to
death occurs without consciousness being in the least de-
gree implicated. It is an abrupt stoppage of sensation,
unaccompanied by a pang.
July 8, 1865.

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