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stop the rotation of the earth, or to take the form of a
burning bush, there is nothing to prevent him from doing
so, I am not prepared to contradict you. I neither agree
with you nor differ from you, for it is a subject of which I
know nothing. But I observe that in such questions re-
garding Almighty power, your inquiries relate, not to that
power as it is actually displayed in the universe, but to the
power of your own imagination. Your question is, not has
the Omnipotent done so and so ? or is it in the least likely
that the Omnipotent should do so and so? but, is my imagi-
nation competent to picture a. being able and willing to do
so and so ? I am not prepared to deny your competence.
To the human mind belongs the faculty of enlarging and
diminishing, of distorting and combining indefinitely the
objects revealed by the senses, or by its own consciousness.
It can imagine a mouse as large as an elephant, an elephant
as large as a mountain, and a mountain as high as the stars.
It can separate congruities and unite incongruities. We
see a fish and we see a woman; we can drop one half of
each, and unite in idea the other two halves to a mermaid.
We see a horse and we see a man; we are able to drop one
half of each, and unite the other two halves to a centaur.
Thus also the pictorial representations of the Deity, the
bodies and wings of cherubs and seraphs, the hoofs, horns,
and tail of the Evil One, the joys of the blessed, and the
torments of the damned, have been elaborated from mate-
rials furnished to the imaginatiOn by the senses. And it
behooves you and me to take care that our notions of the
Power which rules the universe are not mere fanciful or ig-
norant enlargements of human power. The capabilities of
what you call your reason are not denied. By the exercise
of the power here adverted to, and which may be called
the mythologic imagination, you can picture to yourself a
being able and willing to do any and every conceivable
thing. You are right in saying that in opposition to this

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