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on, THE


By SIR JOHN LUBBOCK, Bart, M. P., F. R. S.
380 Pages. Illustrated.

This interesting work is the fruit of many years’ research
by an accomplished naturalist, and one well trained in mod-
ern scientific methods, into the mental, moral, and social con-
dition of the lowest savage races. The wantof a Work of
this kind had long been felt, and, as scientific methods are
being more and more applied to questions of humanity, there
has been increasing need of a careful and authentic work de-
scribing the conditions of those tribes of men who are lowest
in the scale of deveIOpment.

“This interesting work—for it is intensely so in its aim, scope, and the
ability of its author—treats of what the scientists denominate anthropology,
or the natural history of the human Species; the complete science of man,
body and soul, including sex, temperament, race, civilization, etc.”——-.Provi-
dence Press.

“A work which is most comprehensive in its aim, and most admirable in
its execution. The patience and judgment bestowed on the book are every-
where apparent; the mere list of authorities quoted giving evidence of wide
and impartial reading. The work, indeed, is not only a valuable one on ac-
count of the Opinions it expresses, but it is also most serviceable as a book
of reference: It offers an able and exhaustive table of a vast array of facts,
which no single student could well obtain for himself, and it has not been
made the vehicle for any special pleading on the part of the author.”—
London Athenceum.

“The book is no cursory and superficial review; it goes to the very heart
of the subject, and embodies the results of all the later investigations. It is
replete with curious and quaint information presented in a compact, luminous,
and entertaining form.”——Albany Evening Journal.

“ The treatment of the subject is eminently practical, dealing more with
fact than theory, or perhaps it Will be more just to say, dealing only with
theory amply sustained by fact.”—Detroz't Free Press.

“This interesting and valuable volume illustrates, to some extent, the
way in which the modern scientific spirit manages to extract a considerable
treasure from the chaff and refuse neglected or thrown aside by former in
quirers.”-——-I.ondon Saturday Review.

D. APPLETON 8: CO... Publishers.

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