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CHAS. DARWIN, M. A., F. R. 5.

Two Vols, 12mo.

PRICE, . . . . . $4.00

In these volumes Mr. Darwin has brought forward all the facts and
arguments which science has to offer in favor of the doctrine that man
has arisen by gradual development from the lowest point of animal life.
He had originally intended this work as a posthumous publication, but
the extensive acceptance of the views unfolded in his book on the “Origin
of Species” induced him to believe that the public were ripe for the most
advanced deductions from his theory of “ Natural Selection.” Aside from
the logical purpose which Mr. Darwin had in view, his work is an original
and fascinating contribution to the most interesting portion of natural

From the London Spectator.

“ For our part, we find Dr. Darwin’s vindication of the origin of man a far more
wonderful vindication of Theism than Paley’s ‘ Natural Theology,’ thou h we do
not know, so reticent is his style, whether or not he conceives it himsel .”

From the Citizen and Round Table.

“ Even the charge of atheism, which was so violently urged against Mr. Dar-
win, is now rarely heard, and theologians, whose orthodoxy is un uestioned, have
ventured to admit that it is possible to believe both in Christianity and the Dar-
winian theory at the same time.”

From the Charleston Courier.

“ No one can rise from an ordinarily attentive consideration of Mr. Darwin’s
treatise without being impressed, not only with the extent and depth of the
knowledge which he has attained upon the subject under treatment, and his long,
unwearied labor in collecting facts, but also with his possession of qualities
equally rare—the true scientific temper, the transparent candor, and the truth-
seekin schemess, with which he expresses to you his conclusions, and the pro-
cesses y which he reaches them.

“ Whether you like his discourse or not—though you may refuse to acquiesce
in his conclusions—still you are compelled to hear your Witness, that this man
has not been laboring to find facts to support a preconceived theory, but that the
theory is the irrepressible outgrowth of his accumulated facts.”

From the Evening Bulletin.

“ This theory is now indorsed by many eminent scientists, who at first com-
bat-ed it, including Sir Charles Lyell, probably the most learned of living geolo-
gists, and even by a class of Christian divines like Dr. MeCosh, who think that
certain theories of cosmogony, like the nebular hypothesis and the law of evolu-
tion, may be accepted without doing violence to faith.”


Sent free, by mail, to any address in the U. 8., on receipt of the price.

D. APPLETON & 00., Publishers.

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