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Making the Most of Your IPhone

An iPhone is much more than a telephone. Here are five simple uses for the iPhone that will make your life easier and make you more efficient.

The iPhone is an extraordinary piece of technology; it is much more than a phone. Once you have acquired an iPhone you will want to make the most of your investment and make it as useful as possible in your life. Here are 5 ways you can make the most of your iPhone. These suggestions do not require the installation of additional software, they are simply examples of the ways in which iPhone users are maximizing their use of the device.

Mail yourself important documents as PDF email attachments. This will mean that you will never be without the instructions for your camera, your homework, your favorite novel, a copy of your birth certificate, or the guide on how to assemble your favorite IKEA purchase. The iPhone has a very flexible PDF reader embedded in the mail application. The mail application will recognize a PDF attachment and let you open it up for viewing on the iPhone. Although you might think that reading a PDF on an iPhone would be challenging given the small screen size, you will find that the interface makes it easy to navigate any document and the high resolution screen makes it easy to read any text. If you have a scanner, you can take this suggestion a stage further and scan important documents, email them to yourself, and then have constant access to them on your iPhone.

Use GoogleDocs to store your Work documents. Why? You will be able to browse them using the iPhone. So, using your phone you will be able to look up any information that you might otherwise have on your desktop or notebook machine. Google will be in charge or maintaining the security of your documents and you will have the convenience of being able to see any information that you need wherever you find yourself, as long as you still have your iPhone, of course. The address to use for this is http://docs.google.com/m - this is a view on your GoogleDocs specially optimized for viewing on a small screen device.

Use the iPhone in horizontal mode for Safari. Sounds obvious, but it is surprising how easy it is to forget and find yourself squinting at the screen. If you simply rotate your iPhone into landscape mode, using Safari, both reading and entering information with the keyboard widget will be much more straightforward.

Keep track of your diet in photographs. Now everyone has heard of keeping a food journal, and everyone knows that this is an unrealistic thing to do in practice. However, a quick snap of your iPhone, and you have recorded what you are about to eat. When you get a moment you can send the photographic records to GMail, where you can tag everything accordingly, then when you are correlating your weight gains or losses with what you have been eating, all the necessary data will be easily at your finger tips.

Check your facts on the internet. With an iPhone you can readily check your facts using Google or your favorite search engine. This helps you prove your case when appropriate, and when you are on shaky ground, obviously you will be conserving valuable battery power. This will help you win arguments every time, and will also keep your popularity in check with your friends (if you have a problem with being over popular).

Once you have loaded your iPhone with all your valuable information make sure that you keep it secure. Set yourself an access code and keep up to date with software fixes from Apple, you do not want your valuable information falling into the wrong hands.

You will notice that these simple tips do not actually involve the use of the iPhone as a telephone. The iPhone is really much more than a mobile phone and so if you are only using it as a telephone why not explore its alternative applications?

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