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Sun Feb 28 21:35:57 PST 2010

An Online Tool to convert Doc Files into Ascii Text

I use a variety of computers as I go about my daily business. Naturally I pick up email along the way and many people send me Microsoft Word attachements (.doc files, if you are on a Windows system). Now, often this is not a problem, as on my main computer I have a copy of Microsoft Word. However, on other machines, I cannot read such files. That is where the Doc2Ascii.com comes in. Without fuss or complexity, Doc2Ascii.com turns .doc files into Ascii text.

Arguably, Doc2Ascii is actually easier to use than Word itself for such a conversion. Word will give you a host of messages and questions, and leaves the worrying impression that you are about to lose something if you convert to ascii format. In contrast Doc2Ascii is simple, it just does what you expect.

The output of the conversion is presented on a new web page, you can cut and paste the text straight into whichever or whatever application you like. It is very convenient, and completely free.

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