Sat Sep 29 11:25:45 PDT 2012

Sinclair Micromatic Plans and Instructions

A few years ago...(well actually it was quite a few years ago!) the latest high technology device was a miniature radio, not unlike today's iPods and mp3 players, created by Clive Sinclair.

Eventually, I acquired one of these radios - from a friend at school. It came in kit form, and it was a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, I do not know what became of mine. I remember that it worked well, but the batteries were not easy to come by.

But, I recently came across the instructions and plans for the radio from the original kit. It is a wonderful document, with prices in shillings and pence, and I thought I would post it here.

Sinclair Micromatic - the World's Smallest Radio Assembly Instructions - price 1 shilling

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