Sat May 30 22:27:15 PDT 2015

Making a Copy of a Web Site

Do you want to make a local copy of a web site for future reference? (Perhaps your boss has asked you to copy the internet to his laptop, for his convenience, for example). Well, for a specified site, that task is relatively straightforward with wget - which you can easily find on Linux, on Windows as part of Cygwin, and OS X as an add-on.

Here is the synax of the command to download this web site:

wget --mirror -w 1 -p --html-extension --convert-links -P ./

The options here are:

'-mirror' get a copy of everything on the site

'-w 1' wait for 1 second for each page - this is optional and reduces the load on the site

'-p' get the prerequisites for the page - this means that linked graphics files, for example, will be downloaded too

'--html-extension' change any files which don't have an html extension to html

'--convert-links' make links in retrieved documents point to their local versions

'-P ./' put the retrieved files into the current working directory

wget can be very helpful...but of course you will just acquire a static copy of the target site and you will not get updates, enhancements, or corrections!

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