Tue Jul 28 20:20:44 PDT 2015

Solution - Recovering the Lost Password for a PDF File

Wow, I needed to open a PDF file today. This particular file was password protected years ago and, of course, the password had been forgotten. 'Well, while I am thinking, I might as well try a quick Google on the subject of lost PDF passwords'. This rapidly took me to the Source Forge page for pdfcrack, and just as rapidly I had downloaded and built pdfcrack on Cygwin. So far so good, no surprises. However, the real shock was in how fast 'pdfcrack' determined the password. It took just a few seconds - I hadn't even started to read the instructions and I had the password.

Pdfcrack was fast because the password was only 4 characters long, and pdfcrack was able to work through trial passwords rapidly (about 36,000 password attempts per second on this particular machine, a simple, slowww, laptop).

So, be warned, passwords for PDF files need to be long to turn 'a few seconds' into 'a few days' and make PDF files secure; or their passwords unrecoverable.

Say 36,000 words per second is the standard speed for pdfcrack. How many letters (or characters) do you need in your password to make a PDF file generally safe against a brute force attack for 24 hours? Well, there are 24x60x60=86,400 seconds in 24 hours, and in this time pdfcrack can try 36,000x86,400=3,110,400,000 passwords (over three billion passwords). Say there are 60 characters that can be used in each position of the password, you will need at least a 6 character password, for reasonable PDF file security. (Because, 60^5 < 3,110,400,000 but 60^6 > 3,110,400,000).

Assuming, of course, that your password is not something that can be found in a dictionary. Most password recovery programs, like pdfcrack, can make use of a supplied dictionary of common passwords. So you absolutely need to avoid common words in passwords to ensure security, even if they are longer than 6 characters.

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