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The Art of Project Management by Scott Berkun

The Art of Project Management
(The Art of Project Management)

The Art of Project Management is dedicated to software project management. Written by an ex-project manager from Microsoft, Scott Berkun, this is an interesting and valuable book. Interesting because of the wealth of experience with which Scott delivers in the book. There are anecdotes, characters and sketches from the corridors of Microsoft on every other page. Scott was at Microsoft during an exciting time - and the projects and decisions that he made have had a substantial impact on the world of software - so it is fascinating to learn something of that experience. However, in addition to the anecdotes, the book provide considerable practical and valuable advice. The book is structured around three sections: plans - which discusses visions and estimates; skills which focuses on software specifications and communication techniques; and finally management and dealing with the organizational side of software projects. Almost every page provided interest and value to me - and I thoroughly recommend the book. Microsoft in the 1990s contained some of my favorite authors: Richard Brodie, Joel Spolsky and Scott Berkun. I wonder if it was fun or stressful work there?! Scott's web site is also worth a visit:

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