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Theaker, theaker, theake a spanne,
Come of your ladder and hang your man.’

And from the roof the man answered—

When my maister hayth thatched all his strawe
Hee will then come downe and hange him that sayeth so.

The thatcher was called ‘hang straw’ in Worcestershire as late as
the middle of the nineteenth century.

The information available as to the methods of roofing, with
materials other than slates, in this country is so meagre that its
collection and publication are desirable before it is too late. The
craft of the thatcher is peculiarly one in which the old methods of
work have lasted with but little change to the present time: but it
is unlikely that they will last much longer, and they should therefore
be recorded before they vanish with the inevitable revolutiOns of

1 Thatcher] roofs, in addition to those named in the text, are shown in Figs. 7, 28, 49,
50 and 51.

The East Anglian method of thatching with reeds has been described by Mr Thos.
Winder in Farm Buildings: that of North Wales 11y Messrs II. Hughes and H. L. i 'orth
in T lie Old Cottages of .S‘no'wdom'u.

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