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Nazir Jung perished by the hands of his own followers; Mir-
zapha Jung was master of the Deccan; and the triumph of
French arms and French policy was complete. At Pondi-
cherry all was exultation and festivity. Salutes were fired
from the batteries, and Te Deum sung in the churches. The
new Nizam came thither to visit his allies; and the ceremony
of his installation was performed there with great pomp.
Dupleix, dressed in the garb worn by Mahommedans of the
highest rank, entered the town in the same palanquin with the
Nizam, and, in the pageant which followed, took precedence of
all the court. He was declared Governor of India from the
river Kristna to Cape Comorin, a. country about as large as
France, with authority superior even to that of Chunda Sahib.
He was intrusted with the command of seven thousand cavalry.
It was announced that no mint would be suffered to exist in
the Carnatic except that at Pondicherry. A large portion of
the treasures which former Viceroys of the Deccan had accu-
mulated found its way into the coffers of the French governor.

It was rumoured that he had received two hundred thousand .

pounds sterling in money, besides many valuable jewels. In
fact, there could scarcely be any limit to his gains. He now
ruled thirty millions of people with almost absolute power.
No honour or emolument could be obtained from the govern-
ment but by his intervention. No petition, unless signed by
him, was perused by the Nizam.

Mirzapha Jung survived his elevation only a few months.
But another prince of the same house was raised to the throne
by French influence, and ratified all the promises of his prede-
cessor. Dupleix was now the greatest potentate in India. His
countrymen boasted that his name was mentioned with awe
even in the chambers of the palace of Delhi. The native
population looked with amazement on the progress which, in
the short space of four years, an European adventurer had
made towards dominion in Asia. Nor was the vain-glorious

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