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Frenchman content with the reality of power. He loved to
display his greatness with arrogant ostentation before the eyes
of his subjects and of his rivals. Near the spot Where his
policy had obtained its chief triumph, by the fall of N azir Jung
and the elevation of Mirzapha, he determined to erect a column,
on the four sides of which four pompous inscriptions, in four
languages, should proclaim his glory to all the nations of the
East. Medals stamped with emblems of his successes were
buried beneath the foundations of this stately pillar, and round
it arose a town bearing the haughty name of Dupleix Fati-
habad, which is, being interpreted, the City of the Victory of

The English had made some feeble and irresolute attempts
to stop the rapid and brilliant career of the rival Company, and
continued to recognise Mahommed Ali as Nabob of the Car-
natic. But the dominions of Mahommed Ali consisted of Tri-
chinopoly alone; and Trichinopoly was now invested by Chunda

,Sahib and his French auxiliaries. To raise the siege seemed
impossible. The small force which was then at Madras had no
commander. Major Lawrence had returned to England; and
not a single oflicer of established character remained in the
settlement. The natives had learned to look with contempt
on the mighty nation which was soon to conquer and to rule
them. They had seen the French colours flying on Fort St.
George ; they had seen the chiefs of the English factory led in
triumph through the streets of Pondicherry; they had seen the
arms and counsels of Dupleix everywhere successful, while the
opposition which the authorities of Madras had made to his
progress, had served only to expose their own weakness, and to
heighten his glory. At this moment, the valour and genius of
an obscure English youth suddenly turned the tide of fortune.

Clive was now twenty-five years old. After hesitating for
some time between a military and a commercial life, he had at
length been placed in a post which partook of both characters,

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