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constant succession of loaded muskets, and every shot told on
the living mass below. After three desperate onsets, the be-
siegers retired behind the ditch.

The struggle lasted about an hour. Four hundred of the
assailants fell. The garrison lost only five or six men. The
besieged passed an anxious night, looking for a renewal of
the attack. But when day broke, the enemy were no more to
be seen. They had retired, leaving to the English several
guns and a large quantity of ammunition.

The news was received at Fort St. George with transports
of joy and pride. Clive was justly regarded as a man equal
to any command. Two hundred English soldiers, and seven
hundred sepoys were sent to him, and with this force he
instantly commenced offensive operations. He took the fort of
Timery, effected a junction with a division of Morari Row’s
army, and hastened, by forced marches, to attack Rajah Sahib,
who was at the head of about five thousand men, of whom
three hundred were French. The action was sharp ; but Clive
gained a complete victory. The military chest of Rajah Sahib
fell into the hands of the conquerors. Six hundred sepoys,
who had served in the enemy’s army, came over to Clive’s
quarters, and were taken into the British service. Conjeveram
surrendered without a blow. The governor of Arnee deserted
Chunda Sahib, and recognised the title of l\Iahommed Ali.

Had the entire direction of the war been intrusted to Clive,
it would probably have been brought to a speedy close. But
the timidity and incapacity which appeared in all the move-
ments of the English, except where he was personally present,
protracted the struggle. The Mahrattas muttered that his
soldiers were of a different race from the British whom they
found elsewhere. The effect of this languor was that in no
long time Rajah Sahib, at the head of a considerable army, in
which were four hundred French troops, appeared almost
under the guns of Fort St. George, and laid waste the villas

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