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' implored the guards to fire among them-

mean time held. lights to the bars, and shouted with laughter at
At length the tumult

The day broke.

The gaolers in the

the frantic struggles of their victims.
died away in low gaspings and moanings.
The Nabob had slept ufi" his debauch, and permitted the d001‘
to be opened. But it was some time before the soldiers could
make a lane for the survivors, by piling up 011 63011 Side the
heaps of corpses on which the burning climate had already
begun to do its loathsome work. When at length a passage
was made, twenty-three ghastly figures, such as their own
mothers would not have known, staggered one by one out of
the charnel-house. A pit was instantly dug. The dead
bodies, a hundred and twenty-three in number, were flung into
it promiscuously and covered up.

But these things which, after the lapse of more than eighty
years, cannot be told or read without horror, awakened neither
remorse nor pity in the bosom of the savage Nabob. He
inflicted no punishment on the murderers. He showed no ten-
derness to the survivors. Some of them, indeed, from whom
nothing was to be got, were suffered to depart; but those
from whom it was thought that any thing could be extorted
were treated with execrable cruelty. Holwell, unable to walk,
was carried before the tyrant, who reproached him, threatened
him, and sent him up the country in irons, together with some
other gentlemen who were suspected of knowing more than
they chose to tell about the treasures of the Company. These
persons, still bowed down by the sufferings of that great
agony, were lodged in miserable sheds, and fed only with grain
and water, till at length the intercessions of the female relations
of the Nabob procured their release. One Englishwoman had
survived that night. She was placed in the harem of the
Prince at Moorshedabad.

Surajah Dowlah, in the mean time, sent letters to his nomi-

I181 sovereivn at Delhi describing the late conquest in the mos‘

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