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If the reproach of the Company and of its servants has been
taken away, if in India the yoke of foreign masters, elsewhere
the heaviest of all yokes, has been found lighter than that of
any native dynasty, if to that gang of public robbers which
formerly spread terror through the whole plain of Bengal has
succeeded a body of functionaries not more highly distinguished
by ability and diligence than by integrity, disinterestedness, and
public spirit, if we now see such men as Munro, Elphinstone,
and Metcalfe, after leading victorious armies, after making and
deposing kings, return, proud of their honourable poverty, from
a land which once held out to every greedy factor the hope of
boundless wealth, the praise is in no small measure due to Clive.
His name stands high on the roll of conquerors. But it is
found in a better list, in the list of those who have done and
suffered much for the happiness of mankind. To the warrior,
history will assign a place in the same rank with Lucullus and
Trajan. Nor will she deny to the reformer as share of that
veneration with which France cherishes the memory of Turgot,
and with which the latest generations of Hindoos will con-
template the statue of Lord William Bentinck.


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