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It is true that Alexander, Condé, and Charles the Twelfth,
won great battles at a still earlier age; but those princes were
surrounded by veteran generals of distinguished skill, to whose
suggestions must be attributed the victories of the Granicus, of
Rocroi, and of N-arva. Clive, an inexperienced youth, had yet
more experience than any of those who served under him. He
had to form himself, to form his officers, and to form his army.
The only man, as far as we recollect, who at an equally early
age ever gave equal proof of talents for war, was Napoleon

From Clive’s second visit to India dates the political as-
cendancy of the English in that country. His dexterity and
resolution realised, in the course of a few months, more than all
the gorgeous visions which had floated before the imagination
of Dupleix. Such an extent of cultivated territory, such an
amount of revenue, such a multitude of subjects, was never
added to the dominion of Rome by the most successful pro-
consul. Nor were such wealthy spoils ever borne under arches
of triumph, down the Sacred Way, and through the crowded
Forum, to the threshold of Tarpeian Jove. The fame of those
who subdued Antiochus and Tigranes grows dim when com-
pared with the splendour of the exploits which the young
English adventurer achieved at the head of an army not equal
in numbers to one half of a Roman legion.

From Clive’s third visit to India dates the purity of the
administration of our Eastern empire. When he landed in
Calcutta in 1765, Bengal was regarded as a place to which
Englishmen were sent only to get rich, by any means, in the
shortest possible time. He first made dauntless and unsparing
war on that gigantic system of oppression, extortion, and cor-
ruption. In that war he manfully put to hazard his ease, his
fame, and his splendid fortune. The same sense of justice
which forbids us to conceal or extenuate the faults of his earlier
days compels us to admit that those faults were nobly repaired

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