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sail away to the opposite side of the basin. Present the north
pole of the magnet and it will sail back again.

If the south pole of the magnet is presented to the bow

m... ., m," of the boat the lit-

tle ship will follow
a ' L the m a g n e t all
x ” ‘ ' around the basin.

The repulsion of
similar poles may
be also illustrated
by a number of
magnetized sewing-needles fixed in small corks so that they
will float in a basin of water with their points down.



FIG. 11. —A Magnetic Boat.


FIG. 12. 4 Repulsion between Similar Poles, Shown by
Floating Needles.

The needles will then arrange themselves in different
symmetrical groups, according to their number.
A bar magnet thrust among them will attract or repel

them depending upon its polarity.

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