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and then given a coat of shellac or varnish. Before the
varnish is dry, press on a piece of tinfoil large enough to
cover one side of the glass and rub it down smoothly.

After the shellac or varnish is dry, cut the tinfoil up into
innumerable little squares with a sharp knife and ruler,


\ cuss pus-r:

FIG. 48. —A Lightning Board.

leaving two solid strips of tinfoil at the ends of the glass

The pane is mounted by cementing it in a slot in the cork
of a bottle. Connect one of the tinfoil strips to the prime
conductor and the other to the earth or the body. When
the machine is turned, innumerable little sparks will pass
between the tinfoil. squares and give an appearance very
similar to that of lightning.

The Electrical Dance. A number of little balls of cork
or pith are enclosed in a cylinder of glass about two and one-
half or three inches high formed by cutting off the top of a
lamp chimney. The top and bottom of the cylinder are
closed by two circular pieces of sheet brass or copper. The

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