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top disk is connected to the prime conductor while the
bottom one is connected to the rubber. When the machine
is set in motion, the little

balls will dance up and 5' WW
down. Bits of feather or
paper cut to represent fig-
ures of men and women
may be used as well as pith
or cork balls.

The Electric Whirl. The
whirl consists of an S
shaped piece of brass wire,
pointed at both ends and supported on a needle by a
little conical depression made in the center with a

The needle is stuck in a cork in the top of a bottle
and connected with
the prime conductor of
the electric machine.
When the latter is set
in motion, the whirl
will commence to re-
volve at a high rate of

Lichtenberg’s Figures.
can be produced by charging a Leyden jar by connecting
the knob or inside coating. with the prime conductor and
holding the outside coating in the hand.

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LIE 5"

FIG. 49. —An Electric Dance.


FIG. 50. — An Electric Whirl.

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