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required for the shaft. Bind the two halves of the arma-
ture together in the position shown in Figure 244. Bind
them with a piece of iron wire and solder them together.
The wire should be removed after they are soldered.

The Field Magnet is made by first cutting out a strip of
tin one-half by
‘ four a n d then
bending it into
the shape shown
in Figure 245.
The easiest way
of doing this with
accuracy is to cut
out a piece of
wood as a form, and bend the tin over the form. The
dimensions shown in Figure 245 should be used as a guide
- for the form.

Two small holes should be bored in the feet of the field

magnet to receive N o. 3 wood
i. 47

'screws, which fasten the field
FIG. 247.—The Bearings.




to the base.

The Bearings are shown in
detail in Figure 247. They are
easily made by cutting from sheet-tin. Two small washers,
serving as collars, should be soldered to the shaft as
shown in Figure 243.

The Commutator Core is formed by cutting a strip of
paper five-sixteenths of an inch wide and about five inches


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