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long. It should be given a coat of shellac on one side and
allowed to get sticky. The strip is then wrapped around
the shaft until its diameter is three-sixteenths of an inch.
The Base is cut from any ordinary piece of wood and
is in the form of a block about two by one and one-half

by one-half inch.
Assembling the Motor.
prepared for winding by covering with





FIG. 248. —The Complete Motor.

the field magnet.

The parts must be carefully

paper. Cut "a
strip of paper
one - half inch
wide and one
and one-eighth
of an inch long
and give it a
coat of shellac
on one side. As
soon as it be-
comes sticky,
wrap it around
the top bar of

The armature is insulated in exactly

the same way, taking care that the paper covers the entire

flat portion.

The field and armature are now ready for winding. It
is necessary to take proper precautions to prevent the

first turn from slipping out of place.

This is accomplished by looping a small piece of tape or
cord over it. The next two turns are then taken over the

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