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valuable suggestions he has made. Coming from such
a careful and accurate student of the language as he
is, .these have been of great service to me.

The Reading Lessons subjoined at the end of
this book are taken in part from the Sad Hikaydt,
and in part from the Journal of the late Shah’s Third
Visit to Eur0pe. The former book is well known, in
India especially; but its style is somewhat antiquated,
and not a few of the words used in it are now ob-
solete. I have therefore had it rewritten by Mimi
Asadu’llah, with the object of bringing its style and
phraseolOgy into complete accord with the best mo-
dern standard. The first sixteen Stories are given as
Exercises in the Grammar itself, in the usual print-
ing type; and the rest, to the end of Story 34,
are lithographed in the Naskh charakter in the Read-
ing lessons. The style in which the Shah’s Journal
is composed, at once free and elegant, may be said
to have now become the model for such cempositions
1n Persian. The extracts from it are given in the
Nasta‘lz‘q character. Until the Student can read these
Extracts freely, he should not attempt to read the
Persian Letters contained in Appendix F. The Shins-
teh hand in which they are for the most part written
is somewhat difficult to decipher, and the Key should
here be carefully consulted by the Learner, in order
to test his success in solving the enigmas which will
plentiftu present themselves in this part of his
course of study. These Letters are a selection from
those actually received from various Persian friends.
The variety of the handwriting has been carefully
reproduced, but the necessity of obliterating certain
pr0per names etc. has produced some erasures here and
there in them, for which the reader’s indulgence is
requested. It will be noticed that the Reading Les-
sons are paged as is usual in Persian books, and
begin at the end of the Volume.

It is unnecessary to add to the bulk of this
volume by appending a Persian-English Vocabulary,
as Palmer’s Smaller Persian-English Dictionary will
supply all that the beginner will require. The ad-

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