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Prepositions, conjunctions, interjections. 57

dad-r 13 sha’hr,

girddgl’rd i sha’hr,

(dar) atra'f 73 di'h, in the outskirts of, all around,
the village. ‘

bi-khc‘itir i Khudiz‘, for God’s sake.

(a2) bardyi man, for me.

3 a, by reason of him.

3 around the city.

bi-vasfleh-y-i Infil, by means of, through the

bi-va’sigeh-y-i - Gospel.

malzg i shujd‘at i muba'riz, simply through the cham-
pion’s courage.

sivc'i-y-i 17., except him, besides him.

a2 bdhr i vai, because of, for the sake of him.

dar 7'67» '5 m6 chshteh shzid, he was slain for us,
instead of us.

(bi)-Ich{dmat i vazir, to the minister.

bi-khi'dmat '5 shumzi mf-rasam, I (shall) come to you.

bariz‘bar i an khiineh. facing, opposite to, that house.

band bar (“in hdfiat, according to (based upon) that

malls-rd bi-tdlzt 'i tagd-rruf i khpzid (ivdrd, he brought
the country under his own sway.

ba vujfi'd i [tadc'isat 73 sinn, in spite of tenderness
of age.

(12 ba’ralcat 73 C279%, by benefit of (taking advantage
of) learning.

§ 71. Conjunctions. The Conjunctions in Persian
require but little explanation. The most important are:

va, 6, and. chin, since, when.

yet, or. va’gar (va a’gar), and if.

ya . ..yd, either. . . or. vdgamah (va a’gamah), other-
va yd, or even. wise, and if not.

chz'h . . . chih md ar, but, perhaps.

khpzih...vak}wdh i Whether' "01" az lids kz'h, since.
nay but, nay rather, zira (kih),

bdlkz'h { nay on the contrary zeian lcih
(Germ. sondern, Gr. dud) na. na, neither...nor.

2 for, because.


(va) dmmd biz inkih although,
(rag likin but, yet, (Germ. bd vujficl z' (in kih notwith-
(va ldkin aber), however. ma‘ a‘nkih standing
mil? dgarchih that.

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