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ham . . . ham, both . . . and.
nit, also.


hargdh if, since.
harth [ah .

Lesson 8.

ham, even, also.

hdrchand 1037:, however much.
pas, then, accordingly.
baldnkflz, whereas, since.

§ 72. Interjections. The principal are: —— finale, lo!
a-i, Oh; My, woe! ah, ah; afsz‘t's, alas! hat], alas! (haif
ast hih, ‘it is a pity that’ . . .); bah bah! ‘bravo, well done!’


Naqqa'sh, a painter.

yak digar, one another.

gfiftand, they said.

tagoir, a picture.

bi-Icashi'm, let us draw.

bt-kashad, he may (might) draw.

mi-kashad, he draws.

kasht‘d, he drew.

kashz‘deh, having drawn.

kashidam, I drew.

kashidi, thou drewest.

bt-binim, let us see.

bt-b'a'nand, they may (might) see.

khiisheh, cluster, bunch.

angz'ir, rape.

dar, a cor, gate.

darb, large gate, gateway.

nvi‘kht, he hung.

minqzir, beak.

mi-zddand, they were striking.

gamiin milnirdand, they were

mz‘ceh, fruit.

ma-rdumdn, peo 1e.

pasand'idand, t ey approved of.

pursicland, they asked.

pa'rdeh, a curtain.

pish, forward.

pas, back, backward.

iimadeh, having come.

dara'z, long.

dartiz hard, he stretched out.

ma‘liim, known.

dar pay-i, in search for.

dfdeh, having seen.

‘azfz, respected, dear.

kdmz'l, perfect.

farffteh shad, he was deceived.

farifteh shddand, they were de-

chandi, a little (time).

gurilcht, he fled.

gurz‘lchti, thou fleddest.

gurikhtehi, thou hast fled.

ddman, hem of a garment.

zddeh, having struck.

bdlhvh, but, on the contrary.

heila, now.

ytiftam, I found.

sazli, punishment.

mf-dflzam, I (shall) give.

iikhiru’lamr, finally.

halcim, governor.

har dif, both.

khpiistand, they asked-for.

darichch, window.

vat ddshteh, having stationed.

amr farmlid, he commanded.

bird” hinand, they should put

hlflat, state, condition.

[idiom hardeh, having ordered.

shamsha‘r, sword.

gdrdan, neck.

bi-zan, strike thou.

saikhan, a word.

tarsfd, he feared.

fl’lfaar, at once.

(islet, at all (with neg).

laa’rakat, movement.

fahmz‘d, he understood.

taz‘iylineh, scourge, bastinado.

ta, in order that.

mamhin, possible.

siizad, he may make.

mi-biid, it would be, was.

naqsh, a picture.

iqfiir hard, he confessed.

quag, only, merely.

rihd—"i escape, deliverance.

gifl Ichde (he ate deceit), he
was deceived.

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