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The Verb, Active Voice : Tenses from the Root (Imperative). 73

for myself, and I throw away a loaf, and I give back
two loaves, and the other two loaves I lend”. His
friend said, “I don’t understand at all (I did not under-
stand anything) what thou hast said (saidst); explain
more clearly”. That person said, “That loaf which I
keep for myself I eat, and that one which I throw
away I give to my mother-in-law, and those two loaves
which I give back I give to my father and mother
in exchange (return) for those which they gave (have
given) to me in my childhood; and those two loaves
which I lend, I give to my sons, in order that they
may give me a return in my old age”.


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Eleventh Lesson.

The Verb, Active Voice (continued): Tenses from the
Root (Imperative).
§ 86. As stated above (§ 81), all those parts of
the Verb which are not formed from the Infinitive
Stem are formed from the Root, which coincides with
the 2nd Sing. of the Imperative.

II. Tenses from the Imperative (Root).

§ 8?. The Root of the Regular Verb is formed
by cutting off the Infinitive ending -tan or «hm,
together with the uniting vowel 4', if employed: as,

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