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80 Lesson 11.

The king was much pleased and said that they should
(until they did) take (bear away) the fowl to (into)
the kitchen. After two [or] three days the same man,
having again presented himself (having arrived to
the presence of) before the king, brought a sheep
with him and said, ‘This sheep also I have won for
your Majesty (the most lofty royal Presence) in
gambling.’ The king accepted the sheep also. The
fellow came a third time, and he had brought another
with him. When the king saw him empty-handed
he asked him, ‘Why hast thou brought nothing for
me to-day ‘P’ He said (made representation), ‘In your
Majesty’s name (name most sacred imperial) I laid a wager
of one thousand témdns with this man and lost to him:
he has now come for the money.’ The king smiled,
and, having given him the sum mentioned, said,
‘Never after this gamble in my name.’


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