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The Verb: Auxiliaries: Tenses of Rare Occurrence. 81

Twelfth Lesson.
The Verb (continued): Auxiliaries: Tenses of Rare

§ 94. Before studying the formation of the
remaining tenses of the Active and the tenses of the
Passive Voice, it will be convenient for the Student
to have before him paradigms of the most necessary
auxiliaries. We therefore subjoin those of (a) Bfidan,
‘to be’; (1)) Khyc‘istan, ‘to will, Wish’; and (c) Shuddn,
‘to become’.
§ 95. Bu'dan, ‘to be’: Root bash or buv (,3 or 051.).
(a) Preterite Indicative.
Singular. Plural.
13“ P.: bi‘idam, I was. bi‘idi-m, we were.
2nd R: bu‘di, thou wast. bi‘idid, you were.
3rd P.: bz‘id, he, she, itwas. bz‘idand, they were.
(b) Present Snbjunctlve.
Singular. Plural.
19‘ P.:6a'sham, I may be. bdshim, they
21“d P. : bdshi, thou mayst be. ba‘shid, you
3“ P.:ba'skad, he, she, it, bc‘z'shand, they
may be.

may be.


(c) Imperfect Indicative.
Singular. Plural.
1“ P.:mi-bu‘dam,Iwas, etc. mi-bi‘idim, we were: etc.
(§ 85, b.)
(d) Another form of the Present Snbjnnctlve.
Singular. Plural.


19" P.: bumm, I may be. buvim we
2“ P.: bu'vi, thou mayd be. buvid, you may be.
3rd P.: buvad, he, she, it, buuand, they
may be.
(Still used, in writing only.)
(e) Perfect Participle.
W, having been.
(f) Imperative.
Singular. Plural.
2‘“? P.: bash, be thou. 2nd R: ba‘shid, be ye.
Persian Conv.-Grammar. 6

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