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120 Lesson 15.

sargarddn, uzzled, astray. sardyat kdnad, it may infect.
kdppar (vu g. chdppar), a hut. jay (vul . jab), watercourse.
hizumka’n, woodcutter. rdm kdr 'n, to shy.
haniiz fd-rtyh nd-shudeh ind, car i (25 pa istddan, to rear (intr).
hardly had he finished. bi havd-yci an dmadan, to follow
bi-kdr 3' min mf-khpurad, it is his example.
useful to me. dast (of a horse, front foot.
bi- qzivvat z‘ ha’rchih tamdmtar, chiz-i n-fsr, it’s not ing (= “don’t,
with all his might. mention it pray”).
shdneh, shoulder, comb. bar ddr kashidan, to execute.

Exercise 29.

.25» we was: a; w 53195.54:
3 3.); L’ij'. r15. 5.2.1554— rub}; \JQJ'J, L_:.§
244.: Qxbbjl 0/ a}; ‘J.\‘-.>'.,J
_,:.... (3",; ri; page ringgfiwjfi, Nu;
Sill} @34ng ,\ 95;, ,9..- . JLQ.) 9;: figs?
9,57: $45k \le 93H?) ébUlacijJflfi-Jabg
9K§~1~Aéwesldfloxaéoh~z — «Hofdié
L53 3,3. QL} 551%,“, efjglswaji chi; JT
99L_¥Joj>-’Jaalf:3 i3 glvai oak-T,
4:9 URN-b" 3'8.“ "2.“ H9 3.9454 a”: Mr? (J5
Jig}: U .333. Jr.» 3T53§1~é 4». (Eljl «(Loyal—
jrjfj 32:“) 34°. 1‘33}
(2,453.63 3). guns (@lfbj_>;£gf x};
gun, (as 4,34,. [is-L x}; 5,55, 3,5,.
‘ This and the following Stories are taken from K i Mirza‘
Asadu’llfih’s revision of the Sad Hiszyat, a revision un ertaken
under the Author’s supervision and primarily for the use of
students of this Grammar, the object being to omit all obsolete

words and idioms, and to re lace them by modern expressions
in use in the best Persian 0 the present day.

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