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Defective, Impersonal and Contracted Verbs. 121

Translation 30. A Tale.

One day Charles V., king of Spain, got separated
from his retinue in the hunting-field. Having wandered
about (gone astray) in a forest, he at length reached
a woodcutter’s hut and determined to rest there a
little. But when he entered the (that) hut, he saw
four persons lying upon straw, and from their appearance
it was evident that they were (are) robbers. The king
asked them for some water to drink; but hardly had
he finished drinking a cup of water when (Icih) one
of the robbers coming forward said to him, “I have
just seen (I understood now) in a dream that your
cloak would be (is) useful to me”. Saying (having
said) this, he snatched away the cloak from the king’s
shoulders (shoulder). Immediately afterwards another
robber came forward and said, “I also saw (didam) in
a dream that your coat (qabd) suits me”. Thus saying,
he stripped the coat of? the king’s person (tan). The
third robber in the same way took his hat, and a
fourth wanted to take off the (that) hunting-horn that
hung from (on) the king’s neck by a chain of gold.
Then the king said, “First permit me to (that I) teach
thee the use of my horn”. Saying this, he blew the
horn with all his might; and his attendants, on hearing
the sound of it, followed it up and captured the robbers.
Then the king said to the robbers, “(My) dear friends,
I also have had (seen) a dream, and in that dream I
saw (this) that all of you had been executed”. Thereupon
the royal attendants hanged them all on the trees
that were in front of the (that) but.

(On a Ride).
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