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Persian Compound Nouns and Adjectives.

rify namiidan, to take place.

az dist dddan, to lose.

khg-dndan, to call, proclaim.

shahanshdh, king of kings, Em-

f cirgat gham‘mat dantstan (shamzir-
dun), to take advantage of an

mis‘at dddan, to extend (trans).

Furdt, the Euphrates.


tava'ggul jdstan bi-, to seek to

1:111 nd-dashtan, to be ill.

chahfdeh shddan, to catch cold.

stirat, face, cheek.

bdd kdrdan, to swell, get swollen.

chdq shddan, to get well, recover.

na'bg.r dtdan, to feel one’s pulse.

étbi ddshtan, to have something
the matter.

ab—gfisht, broth.

deleh (Dtjlch), the Tigris.
ishtihd, appetite.

iqdmat ddshtan, to take up one’s

Exercise 47.

7:}? —- .3)”;- J. cl) J.) 5:. yhljl 6.3/
_":‘“.;,°J’. at") 5‘. 9.595%; a’irfyab. :5le
gt?) j 34:.) {drawbl
Kw.»— éf.» dais: vex» 5*: r3: .56 day»
lu.‘ m: .J.;.::~.\...,.\,,>_¢£’Q\: by 9L5}, .5...
34.2.: lJJ‘ aKEDé’C-ybl \Jf- —— {La-ll awry
gr_ Cs, LJ [fax be g1: U Joya 5‘
age—cmjm ,xjxjx.» wfijgm {Jafi
M1. 3 .352. ,o.‘ d?! «517:3— am:- ‘w J?”
52 we} 5 .5»; waf— a» .32. 5‘»
3‘ (fffl 4...}. lbjlff fl—Kyl‘sgj Q1}:
r“J;’J‘5‘:° d2? —- 41"? 5‘ 41.513; {f3 4254
a” P5- 3‘JJ°.*(..§~“ 41." 0T3)" $354: 9‘9 (ll-3‘ «53’,
55> Vaa'é—Ja» gab— $.ng 90ml,
:J(J. :jSJALljjlygaJu 5>UMJ2
.a V»: a»: a} w» .1- 63» 3T: J .45

a}; of‘

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