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place at a private residence in the neighborhood of Lon-
don. My host, his intelligent wife, .and a gentleman who
may be called X., were in the house when I arrived. I
was informed that the “medium” had not yet made her
appearance; that she was sensitive, and might resent sus-
picion. It was therefore requested that the tables and
chairs should be examined before her arrival, in order to be
assured that there was no trickery in the furniture. This
was done; and I then first learned that my hospitable host
had arranged that the séance should be a dinner-party.
This was to me an unusual form of investigation; but I
accepted it, as one of the accidents of the occasion.

The “medium ” arrived a delicate-looking young lady,
who appeared to have suffered much from ill health. I
took her to dinner and sat close beside her. Facts were
absent for a considerable time, a series of very wonderful
narratives supplying their place. The duty of belief on
testimony was frequently insisted on. X. appeared to be
a chosen Spiritual agent, and told us many surprising
things. He affirmed that, when he took a pen in his hand,
an influence ran from his shoulder downward, and impelled
him to write oraoular sentences. I listened for a time,
offering no observation. “ And now,” continued X., “ this
power has so risen as to reveal to me the thoughts of others.
Only this morning I told a friend what he was thinking of,
and what he intended to do during the day.”. Here, I
thought, is something that can be at once tested. I said
immediately to X.: “If you wish to win to your cause an
apostle, who will proclaim your principles to the world
without fear, tell me What I am now thinking of.” X.
reddened, and did not tell me my thought.

Some time previously I had visited Baron Reichenbach,
in Vienna, and I now asked the young lady who sat beside
me, whether she could see any of the curious things which
he describes—the light emitted by crystals, for example?


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