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Here is the conversation which followed, as extracted from
my notes, written on the day following the Seance .'

Mediam.——“ Oh, yes; but I see light around all

I—“ Even in perfect darkness ? ”

Mediam.——“ Yes; I see luminous atmospheres round all
pCOple. The atmosphere which surrounds Mr. R. C. would
fill this room with light.”

I.-——“ You are aware of the effects ascribed by Baron
Reichenbach to magnets ? ”

Mdiam.—-“ Yes; but a magnet makes me terribly ill.”

I—“ Am I to understand that, if this room were per-
fectly dark, you could tell whether it contained a magnet,
Without being informed of the fact ? ”

Mediam.—“ I should know of its presence on entering
the room.”

I.——“ How ? ”

Medimn.—“ I should be rendered instantly ill.”

I—“ How do you feel to-day ? ”

Mediam.——“ Particularly well ; I have not been so well
for months.’_’

I.——“ Then, may I ask you whether there is, at the
present moment, a magnet-in my possession ? ”

The young lady looked at me, blushed, and stammered,
“ N o; I am not en rapport with you.”

I sat at her right hand, and a left-hand pocket, within
six inches of her person, contained a magnet.

Our host here deprecated discussion, as it “exhausted
the medium.” The wonderful narratives were resumed;
but I had narratives of my own quite as wonderful. These
Spirits indeed, seemed clumsy creations, compared with
those with which my own researches had made me familiar.
I therefore began to match the wonders related to me by
other wonders. A lady present discoursed on spiritual
atmospheres, which she could see as beautiful colors when

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