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self back against my chair, and gazed listlessly out of the
Window. While thus engaged, the table was rudely pushed.
Attention was drawn to the wine, still oscillating in the
glasses, and I was asked whether that was not convincing.
I readily granted the fact of motion, and began to feel the
delicacy of my position. There were several pairs of arms
upon the table, and several pairs of legs under it; but how
was I, without offence, to express the conviction which I
really entertained ? To ward off the difficulty, I again
turned a wine-glass upside down and rested my ear upon it.
The rim of the glass was not'level, and the hair on touch-
ing it caused it to vibrate and produce a peculiar buzzing
sound. A perfectly candid and warm-hearted old gentle-
man at the opposite side of the table, whom I may call A.,
drew attention to the sound, and expressed his entire belief
that it was spiritual. I, however, informed him that it was
the moving hair acting on the glass. The eXplanatiOn was
not well received, and X., in a tone of severe pleasantry,
demanded whether it was the hair that had moved the
table. The promptness of my negative probably satisfied
him that my notion was a very different one.

The superhuman power of the spirits was next dwelt
upon. The strength of man, it was stated, was unavailing
in opposition to theirs. No human power could prevent
the table from moving when they pulled it. During the
evening this pulling of the table occurred, or rather was
attempted, three times. Twice the table moved when my
attention was withdrawn from it; on a third occasion, I
tried whether the act could be provoked by an assumed air
of inattention. Grasping the table firmly between my
knees, I threw myself back in the chair, and waited, with
eyes fixed on vacancy, for the pull. It came- For some
seconds it was pull spirit, hold muscle; the muscle, how-
ever, prevailed, and the table remained at rest. Up to the
present moment, this interesting fact is known only to the
particular spirit in question and myself.

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