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she closed her eyes. I professed myself able to see similar
colors, and more than that, to be able to see the interior of
my own eyes. The medium affirmed that she could see
actual waves of light coming from the sun. I retorted that
men of science could tell the exact number of waves
emitted in a second, and also their exact length. The
medium spoke of the performances of the spirits on musical
instruments. I said that such performance was gross, in
comparison with a kind of music which had been discovered
some time previously by a scientific man. Standing at a
distance of twenty feet from a jet of gas, he could command
the flame to emit a melodious note; it would obey, and
continue its song for hours. So loud was the music emitted
by the gas—flame, that it might be heard byan assembly of
a thousand pe0ple. These were acknowledged to be as
great marvels as any of those of spiritdom. The spirits
were then consulted, and I was pronounced to be a first-
class medium.

During this conversation a low knocking was heard
from time to time under the table. These were the spirits’
knocks. I was informed that one knock, in answer to a
question, meant “N03” that two knocks meant “Not
“yet ; ” and that three knocks meant “ Yes.” In answer to
the question whether I was a medium, the response was
three brisk and vigorous knocks. I noticed that the knocks
issued from a particular locality, and therefore requested
the spirits to be good enough to answer from another
corner of the table. They did not comply; but I was
assured that they would do it, and much more, by-and-by.
The knocks continuing, I turned a wine-glass upside down,
and placed my ear upon it, as upon a stethoscope. The
spirits seemed disconcerted by the act; they lost their
playfulness, and did not quite recover it for a considerable

Somewhat Weary of the proceedings, I once threw my-

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