Fri Apr 24 11:52:58 PDT 2015

Like Minds...

Just when I had a suspicion that this collection of articles might be one of the larger collections ever put together with Nanoblogger, I discovered assembled by Samuel Bierwagen. There I found a great collection of interesting articles and amusing remarks. E.g. On the subject of programming: ' "build it as fast as possible, while learning as little as possible" design methodology had screwed me over again...' ( which has an elegant Spolsky-esque phrasing familiar to all who would be 'software professionals'.

Samuel Bierwagen has 173 entries over on this site. As far as I can see they are all interesting, including one referring to broken links that Nanobloger can sometimes generate.

Then I discovered another Nanoblogger site which had various attempted predictions at long terms trends e.g. the price of oil (not particularly successfully in that case) (see Arlequin at This was again of interest - as I have investigated such matters on rare occasion (E.g. here Companies and Bacteria). So, I discovered that there are some like minded Nanoblogger users around, which is a little worrying.

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