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marked attention; and Pitt, whose influence in the House of
Commons and in the country was unbounded, was eager to
mark his regard for one whose exploits had contributed so
much to the lustre of that memorable period. The great orator
had already in Parliament described Clive as a heaven-born
general, as a man who, bred to the labour of the desk, had dis-
played a military genius which might excite the admiration of
the King of Prussia. There were then no reporters in the
gallery ; but these words, emphatically spoken by the first states-
man of the age, had passed from mouth to mouth, had been
transmitted to Clive in Bengal, and had greatly delighted and
flattered him. Indeed, since the death of Wolfe, Clive was the
only English general of whom his countrymen had much reason
to be proud. The Duke of Cumberland had been generally
unfortunate ; and his single victory, having been gained over
his countrymen, and used with merciless severity, had been more
fatal to his popularity than his many defeats. Conway, versed
in the learning of his profession, and personally courageous,
wanted vigour and capacity. Granby, honest, generous, and as
brave as a lion, had neither science nor genius. Sackville, in-
ferior in knowledge and abilities to none of his contemporaries,
had incurred, unjustly as we believe, the imputation most fatal
to the character of a soldier. It was under the command of a
foreign general that the British had triumphed at Mindcn and
Warburg. The people therefore, as was natural, greeted with
pride and delight a captain of their own, whose native courage
and self-taught skill had placed him on a level with the great
tacticians of Germany.

The wealth of Clive was such as enabled him to vie with the
first grandees of England. There remains proof that he had
remitted more than a hundred and eighty thousand pounds
through the Dutch East India Company, and more than forty
thousand pounds through the English Company. The amount
which he had sent home through private houses was also con-

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