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were not shown to advantage, and their services were little
known. That they had sprung from obscurity, that they had
acquired great wealth, that they exhibited it insolently, that
they spent it extravagantly, that they raised the price of every
thing in their neighbourhood, from fresh eggs to rotten bo-
roughs, that their liveries outshone «those of dukes, that their
coaches were finer than that of the Lord Mayor, that the
examples of their large and ill governed households corrupted
half the servants in the country, that some of them, with all
their magnificence, could not catch the tone of good society,
but, in spite of the stud and the crowd of menials, of the plate
and the Dresden china, of the venison and the Burgundy, were
still low men; these were things which excited, both in the
class from which they had sprung and in the class into which
they attempted to force themselves, the bitter aversion which is
the effect of mingled envy and contempt. But when it was
also rumoured that the fortune which had enabled its possessor
to eclipse the Lord Lieutenant on the race-ground, or to carry
the county against the head of a house as old as Domesday
Book, had been accumulated by violating public faith, by de-
posing legitimate princes, by reducing whole provinces to beg-
gary, all the higher and better as well as all the low and evil
parts of human nature were stirred against the wretch who had
obtained by guilt and dishonour the riches which he now
lavished with arrogant and inelegant profusion. The unfor-
tunate Nabob seemed to be made up of those foibles against
which comedy has pointed the most merciless ridicule, and of
those crimes which have thrown the deepest gloom over tragedy,
of Turcaret and Nero, of Monsieur Jourdain and Richard the
Third. A tempest of execration and derision, such as can be
compared only to that outbreak of public feeling against the
Puritans which took place at the time of the Restoration, burst
on the servants of the Company. The humane man was
horror-struck at the way in which they had got their money:

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